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Name's Nik (or you can call me Jek/Jeky, short for my steam name Jekyde) and someday I'll have an About Me page.


Likely not.

...the dumbest damn questions


The Career Criminal

You havent had a single regret since you threw off your shackles to the man and became a gangster.

A vintage mobster-themed cosmetic set with attitude for soldier.
Made by Sparkwire and Me (Badgerpig).

The Set includes:

The Tipped Top

An overtipped hat may suggest you’re trying to avoid the sun, being seen by cops, or you’re drunk.

A tipped over pork pie-type hat

the Popped Collar Criminal

It’s business as usual until someone pops a collar. 

A fancy suit jacket, shirt and tie.

The Trouble Trousers

Square toes may look a bit blunt but at least they’re not made of concrete. 

A pair of baggy dress pants with a fancy pair of square-toed dress shoes

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Markiplier Animated | MEET THE MEDIPLIER

Can we please talk about how perfect incharacter that is

Medic was huffing the medigun again wasn’t he?


Silence of the Lambs, p17

….This sheds a whole new light on things. It seems they were right. Huh. That’s..okay. Maroon is canon. 

I was reading the pdf just to get my Hannibal fix and came across that. Safe to say I nearly snorted my tea. 

LOL! I knew his eyes were maroon in the books :D

but it just didn’t make sense when we were reading fanfics specifically in the nbc show universe that they would still use it when Mad’s eyes are like sepia coloured

he also has six fingers in the books but uh fanfictions generally don’t use that but will still say maroon

idk it’s weird

I don’t know why, but I somehow missed that. Either that, or I thought nothing of it and forgot by time you brought up the fan-fiction. Been a while since I read this book ha.

Funny how I remembered the six fingers, though… And yes, agreed. You rarely read anything about those fingers. Or that he cut that extra one off. 


Oooh yeah…i forgot about these!

The design is based on Prospass on DA

Fem!Medic: http://gingerexplosion.tumblr.com/


Photographer: http://amooseinspace.tumblr.com/

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this is now my favorite photoset in the entire world.

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Hi, everybody. My name is markiplier and this is


Hi, everybody. My name is markiplier and this is


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